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Fall is coming so it's back to learning for many of us. 

Updated: Jan 4

Here is a list of AIA CEU/HSW courses and other interesting presentations.

BISON Redefining Rooftops: Understanding Rooftop Deck Systems Description: Rooftop decks create valuable living and recreational space for building owners, residents, and clients. Accommodating restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, and everything from residential to government buildings, rooftop deck systems offer the design flexibility to create versatile, unique outdoor spaces over any structural surface. This course explores the features, surface materials, and design options for rooftop deck systems and provides an overview of recommended planning and installation guidelines. AIA Course Number: AEC450 1.0 LU/HSW Hour Schedule Live Zoom HERE Online Self-Paced HERE

DIANE COLLIER GROUP Live Zoom presentation by Diane of all products and materials - (not AIA accredited.) Schedule Live Zoom HERE

FERMOB Interesting videos on products, public spaces and more - (not AIA accredited.) View videos on their channel HERE

HANOVER Looking for assistance in designing your next project? Or maybe you're looking to get your team up to date on the latest installation methods and paving products?  AIA accredited 1.0 LU/HSW Hour Schedule Live Zoom HERE

MOSO Booming Bamboo: The (Re)discovery of a Sustainable Material with Endless Possibilities. Description: The growing global population is creating an increased demand for resources. As a result, there is a need to replace fossil-based, nonrenewable building materials with more bio-based materials, such as bamboo. This course describes the properties of bamboo that make it a more sustainable choice, including its fast growth and CO2 saving and storing potential. It also discusses how active bamboo reforestation and the use of durable bamboo products can lead to CO2 reduction across many industries. AIA accredited 1.0 LU/HSW Hour Schedule Live Zoom HERE Online Self-Paced HERE

THE WESTERN GROUP Live Zoom presentation on uses and Texas projects - (not AIA accredited.) Schedule Live Zoom HERE

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