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Design freedom is here with NEW GridLoc™ support system from Hanover

Updated: Jan 4

Engineered for strength, Hanover’s GRIDLOC™ System opens up a world of possibilities for architects and designers.

The GRIDLOC™ Grid is a lightweight structural support underlayment that creates a continuous fully supported, monolithic floor surface. Anything from Porcelain Pavers to interlocking concrete Prest® Brick can be accommodated; paving unit sizes and patterns are endless.

GRIDLOC™ can be attached to wood joists or used with Hanover’s Elevator® Pedestal System, creating a fixed roof assembly. Take it to the next level by adding GRIDLOC™ Weights to meet ballast requirements and provide wind resistance.

• Creates a fully supported, monolithic floor surface

• Opens up possibilities for paving designs

• Functions with Hanover’s Elevator® Pedestal System

• Retrofits into wooden roof/deck structures

• Provides additional ballast when using GridLoc™ Weights

Explore more here at Hanover

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