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Breathtaking Boundaries for the Architect's World

Updated: Jan 4

The Western Group brings living screens and architectural mesh products to give you boundaries without barriers.

Living Screen® at Iowa River Landing – Coralville, IA / Photo  ©2013 Brian Greenwood

Architectural mesh, expanded metal, and perforated plate from TWG are all special products. They allow your structures to breathe, enable otherwise impossible sight lines, enhancing the appearance of interior and exterior walls.

The Western Group traces its roots to a garage in 1934 where they were established as Western Wire and Fence, making residential fences for backyards by hand. The company is now a leader in screen manufacturing techniques with emphasis on product innovation, domestic manufacturing, and customer service.

Living Screen® by The Western Group provides a rigid framework for climbing vines. Constructed of welded steel wire, this modular trellis system unites nature with the built environment. 

 Living Screens at Livestrong and The Think Tank parking – Austin, TX / Photos  © Brian Greenwood

Adding greenery to your design has many benefits: improved air quality, natural shading and cooling, noise and pollution reduction are among them. Vegetation adds aesthetic value – both the building and the landscape are enhanced when more plants are present.

Living Screen®

  • May be wall-mounted to existing or new construction 

  • May be post-mounted as fences or partitions 

  • Designed specifically for your project

  • Size, shape and finishes made to meet your exact needs

Metal textures for endless design possibilities

Architectural Mesh Products like woven wire, welded wire and perforated plate can be used indoors or outdoors; giving you unbelievable creative freedom. 


Available in both a raised profile sheet or flattened sheet type. It is an open mesh, finished product that is simultaneously die-cut and expanded as it as it moves through progressive dies on a press. It's available in opening sizes from 1/4” to 1-1/2” and in typical materials: plain steel, Stainless Steel T304 or T316, aluminum, and hot dip galvanized.

PERFORATED PLATE Can be created in a variety of opening sizes and shapes,  material thickness, and custom designs of materials. Typical shapes are round, square, rectangular, oblong, but some combinations of opening sizes and shapes can be custom made. 

WELDED WIRE Can be manufactured from any Steel Wire: mild, galvanized and stainless. TWG successfully produces welded products in square and rectangle configurations, sometimes doing both shapes in custom patterns. Typically both wires are run straight and the cross wire is welded to the back, perpendicular to the front plane of wire.

WOVEN WIRE Versatile: it lends itself to customization via mesh varieties, opening sizes, wire sizes, and a series of material choices.

Security Screen - Tollway Plaza Dallas, TX

Architectural mesh and perforated panels are used for all types of security and safety applications Including pedestrian guardrails, commercial entrances, parking structures and municipal detention facilities. The Western Group's strict manufacturing standards meet the highest levels of structural integrity.

Sunshade - Mandalay Tower 2 Irving, TX

With sunshades, you can add texture, contrast, and color to a building or structure whlle reducing solar heat gain. TWG's woven wire or perforated plate sunshades offer a more refined treatment than traditional louvers or fabric awnings.  Whether shading Is required from natural or artificial light, sunshades can be installed horizontally over glass roofs or vertically in front of glass wall systems.

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